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Wealth Management

Adopting ESG Methodology In Portfolio Management



*5 SIDC CPE points
*4 FIMM CPD points

ICF Competency Type / Title / Level:
*Functional – Technical / Digital Technology Application / L2
*Functional – Process Skills / Fund Management / Level 2

Learning Outcome:
1. Explain ESG framework
2. Identify the use of big data and artificial intelligence in ESG
3. Recognise the use of ESG methodology in portfolio management

Course Synopsis:
Portfolio management is the management of securities, such as stocks and bonds, and other assets in a professional manner. Portfolio management is executed based on a specific investment goal and mandate with an aim to maximize returns for a given level of risk. Most traditional portfolio managers uses a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to create a diversified portfolio of investments to cater to the changing market and economic environment.

The adoption of Environment, Social and Governance (ESG) methodology into the investment process lately by portfolio managers has taken a new leap into the management of investment portfolios globally. This e-learning course will also touch on the use of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence which makes the adoption of ESG investing possible in portfolio management.

Trainer's Profile: James Chin

James Chin is an experienced and multi-skilled trainer specialised in investments, global markets, financial planning, talent and human capital management, sales mastery and motivation. Prior to this, he was a Director at CIMB Private Banking and CIMB Principal Asset Management. He was previously a licensed Capital Market Services Representative (CMSR) holder for fund management from the Securities Commission of Malaysia.

James has been in the financial industry since 1997 within consumer banking, asset management and private banking where he has gained extensive knowledge on the global economic environment and has been exposed to various financial and investment instruments during his tenure in CIMB, ABN Amro, OSK, Prudential and Hong Leong. He has been an investment speaker on the financial circuit in Malaysia since 2003 and has conducted numerous trainings over the years.

He obtained his Master of Business Administration (MBA) from Wawasan Open University and is also an Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators (ICSA) graduate.

Accreditation: 5 SIDC CPE points & 4 FIMM CPD points Categories: Wealth Management Price: 249.00

  • Downloadable Notes
  • 1.1 Notes
  • Portfolio Management
  • 2.1 Security & Portfolio Analysis; Portfolio Selection & Evaluation
  • 2.2 External Video 1
  • Quiz 1
  • ESG Framework
  • 3.1 Environmental Behaviour – Part 1
  • 3.2 External Video 2
  • 3.3 Environmental Behaviour – Part 2
  • 3.4 Social Aspect
  • 3.5 Governance Practices
  • Quiz 2
  • Big Data and Artificial Intelligence In ESG
  • 4.1 The Use Of Big Data In ESG
  • 4.2 The Use Of Artificial Intelligence In ESG
  • 4.3 External Video 3
  • Quiz 3
  • The Use Of ESG Methodology In Portfolio Management
  • 5.1 As A Risk Management Tool
  • 5.2 Higher Risk Adjusted Return?
  • Quiz 4
  • Summative Assessment
  • Final Test
  • Course Evaluation
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever