Making Money in a Bear Market



  • Intermediate



  • 5 SIDC CPE points


ICF Competency Type / Title / Level

  • Functional – Technical / Technical Analysis / Level 3


Learning Outcome

  • Explain what is a bear market
  • Recognise the charts of price movement and trend direction; and
  • Identify potential trend reversal signals


Course Synopsis

The bear market has always been a subject of intense interest. The bear market has been expected to occur over the past years, however, it has yet happened. What if the bear market will take place this year or in the following year? What is the most practical stock selection strategy? This course is designed to provide participants with an understanding of the combination of both Fundamental and Technical Analysis used to identify potential stocks during a Bear Market. Students will be taught the most effective way of using value investing and charting indicators and their application in the stock market.



Nick Foo Mun Pang

Nick Foo is a former prominent Investment Bank analyst, Chief Course Instructor, trader, and speaker in the equities market for more than 8 years. He has conducted more than 100 investment market talks and educational workshops for private and institutional investors. At two local prominent investment bank’s equity research department, he was involved in small/mid cap research and also specialized on spotting trends in stocks, commodities and indices listed on Bursa Malaysia. Publicly, Nick Foo is a regular commentator in The Busy Weekly and Oriental Daily. He appears on CITYPlus Sarawak RM92.5 business radio station regularly and as regular guest market commentator on other media such as The Sun Daily, Nikkei Asian Review, See Hua Daily and The Malaysian Reserve. Nick Foo holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Finance (Hons) from the HELP University.


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  • 5 SIDC CPE Points